Friday, April 6, 2012

grateful friday

i'm choosing to be grateful today, simply because it is not coming naturally. not that i am naturally thankful for every aspect of my life, but this week has been long and certain circumstances have left me feeling very sad. i'm trying not to allow myself to constantly think of that sadness and instead, dwell on the positive things within my week.

- although it was completed at the very last minute, i handed in a huge project this week. major sense of accomplishment and one step closer toward being done with my Masters.
- andrew begins t-ball tonight. this boy is growing up and its so much fun to watch.
- i got to snuggle a newborn baby this week for a chance to try some newborn photos. i am loving this phase of learning with photography and this baby was unbelievably sweet.
- lastly, i am especially thankful for friends this week. part of my sadness is caught in that strange void between who you used to be and who you are now. i think it is very difficult to articulate the place that i am in. people who i considered close to me no longer are. so i am thankful for the friends who are there, for those new friends that have come along who mean the world.

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