Monday, June 7, 2010

what happened.

IMG_9046, originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

taken at andrew's birthday party, my dear mr. o is pretending to grab my sisters, umm, boobie

what happened to my month of May? i envisioned beautiful days of playing with my boys and spending time crafting, baking, all kinds of things i love.

here's what happened. my sister found a lump in her breast and pretty soon she was calling me with the three little words I Have Cancer. scary stuff, except we don't feel too scared. should we? because we come from a family of strong women. strong women who have overcome lots of crap that cancer is only just another thing to add to the list. my sister is seriously amazing and has handled her first chemo treatment like a pro.

doctors appointments, tests, family in, family out, and i can safely say she and i are tired. my dear sister and i are here, together, and that's ok. we will find monotony in the routines, the procedures she is going to go through, because we will be together for it.

i have learned in life one lesson that has struck me in every difficult situation: i can get through anything with my sisters. i think she will agree with me 100%. i am here for her, always, just as she has been for me.
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