Friday, January 23, 2009

grateful friday

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i'm feeling pretty grateful today.

i'm grateful for:
God keeping my little guy safe today after a scare.
Chris coming home early from his business trip this week - we get a whole 3 days together!
my last day of work today.
some sunny weather (can spring come any sooner?)
friends and family who have me over and keep me company while chris is gone.

Monday, January 19, 2009

i am so sad since you went away.

its been a long time for me. to update everyone, 25 things about me:

1. i took a 3 hour nap today.
2. i get scared of a lot of things, like the fact that andrew has been drinking a lot more lately - i've gotten it in my head that he's sick somehow and that's why he needs more to drink. this happens on all kinds of levels. i worry a lot.
3. i rarely shave my legs. but, on the other hand, i don't need to. i barely grow any hair.
4. i hate maintenance kind of stuff - washing my face at night, putting on lotion - i perpetually wake up with mascara under my eyes and dry hands. i'm trying to change this one, though.
5. when chris is away, i don't eat much. my sister would be unhappy with me, but i
just don't take the time to get something to eat.
6. chris is away for 2 more weeks after this one is done.
7. i am trying not to be angry about all this traveling but i am because he didn't ask me first before agreeing to do it.
8. i'd rather pick him up at the airport at 3am than wait for him at home because i can't stand the anticipation. same thing for driving him there for the days he leaves - i want every last minute.
9. i struggle with disappointment because i set things up in my head about how they'll go. this is why i didn't have a very good christmas - andrew was cranky and i didn't get to buy any gifts for chris. (he picked out his own.)
10. otherwise i was given some very nice gifts.
11. truthfully i was really glad it was over.
12. my last day of work is friday.
13. i'm going back to school to finish up some classes before i can start my masters.
14. one of them is a math class and i'm secretly (not so secret anymore) loving the fact that i can use mechanical pencils.
15. i really love writing with a sharp pencil - hence the love for the mechanical pencils.
16. i can't wait for the snow to go away.
17. i didn't really make any new years resolutions, except that i vowed that i would find the time every day to do something that is good for me - like the things in #4. or taking vitamins. eating meals that are healthy and require preparation. little things.
18. i kept my new years resolution from last year which was to finish my knitting projects and make it an active hobby.
19. i tried a lot of new things with knitting and i have to say that i am proud of myself.
20. at night when i can't fall asleep, i think of things to share here, and then promptly forget them in the morning.
21. i suppose i should put a notepad on my nightstand.
22. every day that andrew does something new i get a thrill. if it feels like this forever i will be content.
23. tonight it was matching up shapes and colors without being prompted.
24. and afterwards he claps for himself.
25. tonight i told him that a new baby is going to come live in our house. a new baby boy. a yet un-named new baby boy that is growing in mama's belly. he made his monster voice, smiled and pointed to my belly.

i'm asking manda, sara and cheri to please update with things that are not mundane. tell me something new.

and try to update once in a while, so that i have reason to as well.
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