Sunday, August 28, 2011


have you heard of pinterest? it is the most addicting website - even more addicting than facebook.

pinterest is essentially an online bookmarking website. your friends can see your bookmarks, you can see theirs, you can see everyone's, and you can also categorize them with hashtags for easy searching. whoa, right?

the only problem with pinterest is actually doing the things that you have found. there are some amazing ideas, how-tos and tips and tricks out in blogland.

here are my top picks from pinterest this past week.

elmo veggie platter (perfect for a kid's birthday party!)

mini fruit pizzas

how to make your own bath fizzies

and my personal favorite,
repurosing your crib into a desk

Saturday, August 20, 2011


dad visit by sassyladybug
dad visit, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

i promise that i am not pregnant. just wearing a shirt that does not photograph well, including showing my pink bra.

this past week was a busy one for me, with my sister and my dad both in town for a visit. busy, but good, with park play dates, visits to jump places, kabobs and firepits. and no pregnancy announcements - i promise, i am just fat.

Monday, August 15, 2011

stay with me baby, i've got plans for you

originally written august 18, 2009

6 years ago, i woke up on august 16th after only about an hour-and-a-half of sleep. it wasn't nerves, or, maybe it was. i drank peppermint tea at the recommendation of my sister and sat on my couch doing fill-in puzzles. my house was full with shiny new things.

my sisters arrived and helped me into the white dress. hair curled. make-up applied.

we drive in a big white limousine to the church. as i wait for my big walk i lean back because i think they can see me. my daddy thinks i am going to faint.

i cry because i forgot my mom's handkerchief from when she married my dad. my sisters overwhelm me with "it's ok, don't worry" so i forget that i was starting to tear up.

i walk down the aisle and my life is changed with a vow and a kiss.

i wake up on sunday, august 16th, 6 years later. it is early. my wee baby needs some milkies and i am at his call. i am able to go back to sleep shortly before the sounds of my house wake me up.

i don't get into a white dress and i don't walk down a big aisle. i do, however, look around me and see the smiles of the ones i love.

6 years means ups and downs; happy times and sad times; big purchases; vacations; new jobs; disappointments; joyful days; sick days; surgeries; births; laughter.

6 years means 6 autumns, 6 winters, 6 springs, 6 summers. 6 birthdays (oh, how i love birthdays.) 6 chances to experience each year and all that it holds over, and over again.

6 years spent with the one i love.

and it all began with a kiss.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

my baby

this little sweetheart surprises me all the time. he's so vocal and communicates so well. he plays by himself and is a joy to be around. i love the time that i get alone with him. he turned 2 but really, he's still my baby.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


sweetheart by sassyladybug
sweetheart, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

andrew is starting school, like, soon. i was excited about it until i realized how limiting it can be. school isn't an option. i can't just decide that we won't do that today and do something fun instead. come the end of august, the runs to the beach are going to be over and we'll be full of schedules.

i love the beginning of things, and i'm excited about him beginning school. at the same time, it is hard for me to accept that he is going to be away from me and that i'm not in control.

brothers by sassyladybug
brothers, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

so for now - sand in my car, the smell of sunscreen, tan lines, popsicles and flip flops. before it ends, all too soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

starting over

here i am, starting a new blog. even though it is still very much summer, i can almost feel fall in the air. i see the sales in the stores for school supplies and my mind wanders to sharp pencils and clean notebook pages. all so very inspiring to start fresh.
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