Monday, August 15, 2011

stay with me baby, i've got plans for you

originally written august 18, 2009

6 years ago, i woke up on august 16th after only about an hour-and-a-half of sleep. it wasn't nerves, or, maybe it was. i drank peppermint tea at the recommendation of my sister and sat on my couch doing fill-in puzzles. my house was full with shiny new things.

my sisters arrived and helped me into the white dress. hair curled. make-up applied.

we drive in a big white limousine to the church. as i wait for my big walk i lean back because i think they can see me. my daddy thinks i am going to faint.

i cry because i forgot my mom's handkerchief from when she married my dad. my sisters overwhelm me with "it's ok, don't worry" so i forget that i was starting to tear up.

i walk down the aisle and my life is changed with a vow and a kiss.

i wake up on sunday, august 16th, 6 years later. it is early. my wee baby needs some milkies and i am at his call. i am able to go back to sleep shortly before the sounds of my house wake me up.

i don't get into a white dress and i don't walk down a big aisle. i do, however, look around me and see the smiles of the ones i love.

6 years means ups and downs; happy times and sad times; big purchases; vacations; new jobs; disappointments; joyful days; sick days; surgeries; births; laughter.

6 years means 6 autumns, 6 winters, 6 springs, 6 summers. 6 birthdays (oh, how i love birthdays.) 6 chances to experience each year and all that it holds over, and over again.

6 years spent with the one i love.

and it all began with a kiss.

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