Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the space in my mind.

andrew plays army by sassyladybug
andrew plays army, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

andrew is always in our faces. that's not something you want a parent to say but seriously, we need him to have some quiet time a little more often. we've taken to saying, this is mommy and daddy time if we just want to sit on the couch and have a conversation.

we get spoiled by christian because he often just heads off and finds toys to quietly play with. they are total opposites. andrew brings his toys to wherever we are, insists we see every little move he makes.

a few weekends ago, he headed to the playroom and got out his army men. like always we expected him to come right back to us and insist we play, watch, etc.

we look down the hall and he had quietly - quietly lined them up and was playing with them.

we cherished the moment. it was over all too soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

again and again and again.

yarn wrapped wreath by sassyladybug
yarn wrapped wreath, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.
i love craft night. i totally get things started and finished because of it. i have class on monday nights, and so heading out on tuesday night takes some work. i'm usually running out the door, make up smudged and my hair in a ponytail but atleast i'm making it there.

this is the first time i've brought supplies for one of the projects. i usually bring my knitting because i can't seem to get any knitting done at home lately. but when cheri posted this tutorial i knew i had to make it. i love the simpleness of it and the fact that i can leave it up without worrying about the seasons. i always seem to forget to change my front door decoration. i think i had something hanging with snowflakes on it this past july.

yarn wrapped wreath by sassyladybug
yarn wrapped wreath, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

this was so easy. my beginning point was a little sloppy as i got used to pulling the yarn tight, so i placed the flowers over that spot so it was hidden. another time, i would put a dot of hot glue on the first strand to hold it in place. threading the yarn over the wreath form is monotonous but once i started to see a good amount completed i felt better and worked harder. the flowers are simple and quick. a little hot glue and some of cheri's pretty ribbon and it was done.

and now all i can think of are more color combinations... i do have two doors, you know.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

and i line my secrets up all by one, i put 'em all away when i was done.

the office by sassyladybug
the office, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

i wrangled the husband into doing some cleaning this weekend. our office is half playroom-half desk space for our computer. unfortunately, it all-too-often is our dumping ground. the children dump out the toys, and because i have a system to getting all the toys to magically fit in the cubbies, i am the only one who ends up putting the toys away. the husband dumps bills, papers, whatever onto the desk and that is another problem.

so we spent some time during morning nap working. all the toys put away, papers sorted through, and i felt amazing. blinds open, sun shining in through the window into a clean room and i was blissful.

the benefit is that the kids play with their toys better, and i can actually find things when i need them. chris hung my bulletin board for me and i found this cute little card that came along with a purchase from etsy. now if only chris would hang some picture frames for me, i'd be even happier than that little birdie.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

they say you're not somebody until someone else loves you

valentines by sassyladybug
valentines, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

cheri hosts a craft night every tuesday. i never do the intended craft because i like to go against the grain. and, because i rarely prepare ahead of time.

i brought my materials to make andrew's valentines for his class. these cute owls were super easy and i love how they came out. andrew put the eyes on and i helped him write his name, so they are not all made by me.

the link to the website with instructions for the owl is here.
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