Sunday, February 13, 2011

and i line my secrets up all by one, i put 'em all away when i was done.

the office by sassyladybug
the office, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

i wrangled the husband into doing some cleaning this weekend. our office is half playroom-half desk space for our computer. unfortunately, it all-too-often is our dumping ground. the children dump out the toys, and because i have a system to getting all the toys to magically fit in the cubbies, i am the only one who ends up putting the toys away. the husband dumps bills, papers, whatever onto the desk and that is another problem.

so we spent some time during morning nap working. all the toys put away, papers sorted through, and i felt amazing. blinds open, sun shining in through the window into a clean room and i was blissful.

the benefit is that the kids play with their toys better, and i can actually find things when i need them. chris hung my bulletin board for me and i found this cute little card that came along with a purchase from etsy. now if only chris would hang some picture frames for me, i'd be even happier than that little birdie.

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