Wednesday, March 28, 2012

spring is here

this morning was rough. we headed to the library only to discover that i had messed up on our due dates for the 30 books we had out. they were due 7 days ago. the librarian was rather rude and i admit, i had tears in my eyes. hormones, tiredness, headache all added up to an emotional mb. not only did i have to leave to go to the atm to pay off the fine in order to take out the books that we'd already picked out - and many which i needed for school but i also had to go back home and get the books that i wanted to renew, since they were refusing to renew them through the computer.

then it rained. it was one of those cold rains where your body is chilled to the bone. andrew had a half day - for which i am thankful - so we ran back inside the house from the car and got under the blankets. cranked the heat up - shh, don't tell chris about the heat and tried our best to warm our insides.

crabby. irritated. tired. i wanted to complain about my horrible morning of driving around the city and getting nothing accomplished. then the rain stopped, the sun came back out, and my spirit lifted just a little. then andrew did something funny and i was able to crack a smile. and i realized that i had nothing to be crabby about. i am incredibly blessed with a car to drive to the library, and a free public library to get books, money to pay for fines caused by my own stupidity, and heat to crank back up in my own blessed little house.
spring is here by sassyladybug
spring is here, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

so i went outside and looked at the brightness around me. nothing to be sad about when the mysterious tree in my yard begins to flower with its simple pink little buds. i have no idea what kind of tree this is. but it is beautiful, and it makes me happy when i find its little petals all over my car. i grabbed my camera and decided that i would document the day where i realized that i had nothing to complain about.


  1. Looks like cherry blossoms to me!

  2. you think? and now it is smelling lovely, too!! i've never known what it was!


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