Monday, April 9, 2012

a brand new day

it's monday, a brand new day, brand new week. i realize i was sort of melancholy on friday. its very likely that if you are reading this here little blog then i was not referring to you. you see, that entire aspect of life in which you outgrow friendships is difficult. and when you realize that those friendships are no longer a large part of your life, you tend to contemplate the rest of your life. one of my favorite bloggers stephanie from adventures in babywearing quoted evelyn from fried green tomatoes recently, and you better believe i added fried green tomatoes to my blockbuster queue right away. evelyn was having a midlife crisis of sorts and we all know she had zero support from her husband, but she was too young to be old and too old to be young. seriously? yes. i am too young to be headed out in the evenings to t-ball practice and worrying about buying a home in an area with a good high school. i am too old to be focusing on silly things like friendships. you know what, i have a very good grasp on the fact that although i feel this way at 31, i will also feel this way at 41, 51, 61 and so on.
and so, monday. a new day, a new week. moving forward.

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