Friday, April 13, 2012

grateful friday

the week was long but good. i have so much to be thankful for.

-a sweet date with andrew the other night. actually, an entire sweet week with him while he has been on break. granted, that one day i had a paper to write was a little frustrating. i had forgotten what it was like trying to write papers with two children at home. but, i really enjoyed the extra time with him.
-nearing the end of my semester. i still have a lot more to do to finish up, and tests to study for, but it feels good to be getting closer.
-ordering a canvas for a wall in our home, thanks to groupon. i love a good deal and i'm excited to see my own photography printed nice and large!
-we had such a terrific easter. i'm grateful for time spent with my little family.
-lastly, i lost my grammie this week. she passed earlier this week. she lived 99 long years and was a wonderful example of a christian wife and mother. i am grateful for the comfort and promise of heaven.

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