Tuesday, August 11, 2009

we're taking off, we're dancing now.

2+ years old., originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

andrew, you are now over two years old. you had a great birthday, by the way. you attacked your cake and the cupcakes early in the morning. that was my fault, because i kept telling you that your birthday was coming and that you would get to eat cake. you assumed that the cake on the counter was for you to automatically eat. with your bare hands. in my clean kitchen.

anyhow, you have grown to be what i like to call a spazz. i tell my grandma that you are mischievous and she tells me that no, you are busy. i actually really like that word, busy, because it describes you to a T. you are not bad, but you are so curious that you get yourself into trouble.

you are all for trying new things with climbing and swimming and all the things little boys like to do. when we go to a new park, you climb to the highest point. but then you show yourself to be a little two-year-old and ask for mama to get you down. you're not too big a fan of slides, just yet.

your vocabulary exploded just about the time your brother was born. you started saying words all over the place, and now we can't get you to shut up. in fact, we like your ability to tell us what you want. we're not too big a fan of you shouting POOP when we are out in public. although, shouting ice cream! ME! at friendly's the other day was pure genius. anything to get our food faster.

you can count to ten and you are learning your colors. you give us a hard time eating your food, but hey, who doesn't? you can put your faux-crocs on yourself with a little help as to which shoe goes on which foot. you tried to pick up your brother and you actually succeeded until mama had a heart attack, recovered, and took him from your arms.

needless to say, you are growing up. and i'm excited for all that is to come.

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