Monday, August 10, 2009

slip and slide on subway grates.

last weekend i headed to brooklyn to meet up with some friends. bringing a baby along is not the easiest thing, but when you are the only food supply for the wee one you can't be separated for long.

traveling man, originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

thankfully he behaved and didn't give me a hard time at all. and i now can say that i nursed my baby in a donut factory. which is pretty awesome.

brooklyn bridge. , originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

it was hot, and i was sweaty and tired from all the walking, but it was a really great day. i can say i'm so glad that i did go - there were times when i thought that i was crazy for even attempting it and that i should just stay home - but then i thought to myself that i would regret not going.

and if christian ends up at all like his big brother, this is the only time he'll be able to go into a big city until he's in his mid-teens. and by then i won't want him to be around me anyway.

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