Wednesday, August 5, 2009

at last.

i've driven past a sign for the past 9 months. starting out at once a month, then every other week, and at the end of those long months, once a week. i tried to take a picture today with my camera phone, but alas, driving and picture taking isn't cool and so, we are picture-less.

this drive was to a neighboring town where my midwives office is located. at first, i found myself annoyed at the drive - further than my previous doctor's office. then as my pregnancy continued, we found out that we were expecting a boy, and my belly grew, and my excitement along with it.

this sign barely hit my radar at first. i had a name i'd picked out with hubby, but was beginning to think that i wanted to choose something else. i'd chosen another name, and kept it in my head, not sharing it at first. waiting for that perfect moment to ask him to consider this name.

then one day, as i drove home from a visit, i suddenly paid attention to this street sign and saw the name of the road i was driving under. Christian Rd. it was at that moment that i just knew that this was the right name. and so for weeks i passed this sign, knowing that what i was doing - the effort i was putting into something that, seemingly unimportant to others - was important to me. my baby's name was right there, every time, reminding me - you can hold out. you don't want to regret anything.

and so, on june 17, early on a wednesday morning, i drove by that sign for the last time with my baby still inside. i was excited, anxious, nervous, feeling the contractions that told me that it was happening.

i had put a lot of work into this - eating a special diet, exercise, and researchresearchresearch. my work did pay off, just not in the way i had expected or hoped for. i held my baby in my arms later on that day. i saw his sweet face, his beautiful eyes, his orlowski nose, and i knew that it was right. that this is what my work was for.

i made a difficult decision to depart from what my plans had intended, because, well, plans don't always work out.

life is that way. but one plan did work out - my little sweet baby.

christian hewitt-richard orlowski
june 17, 2009
9 lbs. 4oz. 22 inches

Mommy and Christian, originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

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