Thursday, August 27, 2009

happiness is two kinds of ice cream.

last week was our vacation time as a family. i know what you're thinking - every day is a vacation since i'm at home with the boys, right? ha. it's more of a vacation when chris is around.

we took a day to go to a local amusement park. it was literally the perfect day - plenty of sunshine, a packed picnic lunch, a toddler willing to ride the rides....

in fact, so willing that he didn't want to get off the rides. this was the face we saw most of the day. crying as we led him off the ride because he wanted to stay on. this park has a water park area so thankfully we tempted him away from the rides with promises of swimming and splashing because, frankly, i couldn't take any more rides.

my favorite ride is the train. you get the wonderful breeze, some shade, and yes, my favorite - sitting down - and its something we can all go on. (what, you are surprised i didn't bring a 9 week old baby on the pirate boat ride?)

daddy and drew on the train, originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

all in all, we had a great day. even christian slept. although, he looks like he's making an obscene gesture here.

maybe that's because i didn't let him on the pirate ride.

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