Tuesday, January 24, 2012

old man winter

berries by sassyladybug
berries, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

it finally snowed. at least, it finally snowed during winter. we had that lovely snowstorm that put us out of power for almost a week back in the fall, but this is the first real snow that we've had this winter.

i hate the snow.

i hate the cold. i'm cold regardless of season. even in the summer, my feet are cold. right now i have socks on and it is a most beautiful, warm-ish day and my toes are cold, i can feel it.

when i was younger, bundling up and playing in the snow appealed to me. i remember going sledding with friends when chris and i were engaged. now? my time is precious and my toes are cold. i rarely get free time and i don't want to spend it creating more laundry for myself. and cold-er toes.

like i said, its warm out today. i didn't wear a coat and i don't intend on wearing one tonight when i head to class. my toes may be cold but my arms are just fine in long sleeves and warmish winter weather.

the snow is mostly gone already - the rain from last night and the glorious, beautiful sunshine took care of it for me - and i just keep thinking, no more snow. one time this winter was enough for me.

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