Thursday, January 5, 2012


52aYear.jpg by tinkerellen
52aYear.jpg, a photo by tinkerellen on Flickr.

so cheri and i decided to create a 52 pictures a year challenge. truthfully i was the one who pressured her into the idea. i attempted a 365 last year and didn't get very far. we created a facebook group for everyone to join to share and organize the photos, as well as link to their blogs where they can also post the photos and an explanation if they wish. i'll be posting mine here and linking to anyone else who blogs their photos. so, join on up... we already are finishing out our first week of the new year and have the perfect theme for this week.
52aYear_wk1.jpg by tinkerellen
52aYear_wk1.jpg, a photo by tinkerellen on Flickr.

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