Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the first day

andrew had his first day of school last week. after many days of school being cancelled due to hurricane Irene, i was very anxious to get him into school and out of the house. maybe it is because he has been away from me before - last year in nursery school, sunday school, vbs.... but this child does not care that he is leaving me. i cried more than andrew ever did. in fact, christian cried more than the both of us, but that was because he wants to do everything his big brother gets to do.

you would also think that andrew would be excited to see me when school is over - but no. as i stood there with the other parents, so excited to see our little ones emerge from the school and tell us all about their day, i spied a little andrew giving me the look. head lowered, forehead scrunched up with a glare on his face. i immediately knew that he was not happy to be leaving school. a promise of a donut to celebrate made it all better, and needless to say we are working on giving a better response to mommy coming to pick him up.

so far i haven't gotten anything big done with my free time. i keep telling myself, tomorrow....

1 comment:

  1. Aww...what a handsome boy he is! And what a blessing that he enjoyed his first day at school!


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