Friday, March 12, 2010

please sir don't you walk away.

march is a rough month. it goes from a few happy days to a sad day.

chris and i both celebrated birthdays and then a few days later we remember the day that his dad died.

it is so hard to support my husband because i can't understand how he feels.

he misses his dad so much.

he tells me that he just wants to be there for our boys like his dad was for him.

it is sad but he knows that his dad is in a better place.

and for me, having a birthday near my husbands means that even if he doesn't get me a cake, i can make one for him and then i get to eat cake for my birthday. and if we go out to eat for my birthday, and then go out for his birthday, it is like second birthday. and i'm good with that.

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