Sunday, February 28, 2010

i can see clearly now the rain is gone.

andrew's eye surgery was this past friday. i admit that it has taken a lot out of all of us. chris and i spent most of last week worrying about it, anticipating it, and then we spent this week keeping andrew's hands from his eyes and dealing with some very bad behavior. we can only assume that his behavior has something to do with recovering, but needless to say, it is still very difficult.

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the doctor was fixing a turn in both his eyes. you can see the turn above. we've worked with dialating drops and patches to get his eyes to a point where both were turning - so that the doctor could easily adjust the muscles.

before hand - driving around, originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

we were a bit worried about an IV, blood draw, etc. the staff was unbelievable. after we got him changed into his adorable kid-surgery jammies, (and awesome yellow socks), he was able to play in a special kid-waiting room. and when he needed to go to another room so they could check his blood pressure and have mama sign some more paperwork? they allowed him to drive down the halls.

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they whisked him away pretty quickly. i know that they do this for the kids - because kids will get upset if they know in advance that they are leaving mom and dad - but man, was i taken off guard. the nurse ran off with him so quickly that i had to ask her to turn around so that i could give him a kiss.

coming out of the anesthesia, originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

in the end, all was well. apparently most kids come out of anesthesia screaming and crying, and andrew was no different. we spent a good hour cuddling, trying to get him to drink some juice (he wanted milk, nothing else), until he was able to converse with us a little and watch mickey mouse youtube videos on the ipod.

of course we are never complete without a little drama. when we were preparing to leave, chris was holding andrew as they took the IV out. andrew fought it which made some blood come out of the place where the IV had been. and before we knew it, chris had fainted. really, unbelievable. i had to apologize to him because i have often doubted his truthfulness when he says all the medical shows on tv make him lightheaded.

surgeon costume, originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

you can see the redness in his eyes, and now it is really starting to fade. the doctor says we are in very good shape and that he likely won't need a repeat surgery. he is healing and hopefully, his behavior will improve.

thankfully we are past this step. now if i could only keep chris from fainting, i'd be made in the shade...

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