Tuesday, March 16, 2010

oh like a rainbow.

tie dye paper, originally uploaded by sassyladybug.

my sister watched my two little birds so that i could run an errand. since her kids were sort of sick she had them with her, and when i got home i decided we were going to craft.

the directions for this is very simple. most of you will have the items on hand at home.

we made tie-dyed paper. you need shaving cream, food coloring, white paper, and a 9x13 baking dish.

now, if we were doing this without the kids, sara and i would have all sorts of amazing designs. but with the kids, we got some pretty funky looking mix of all the colors. you cover the bottom of your 9x13 with shaving cream, then sprinkle on your food coloring. use a comb or any other device you have on hand to create swirls of color amidst the shaving cream. mix too much and you'll get, well, what we got at the end... brown looking paper. place your white paper on top, lightly press down, and then lift it up. rinse it off in the sink, until all the shaving cream is gone. let it air dry and you have some pretty paper to write a letter to your favorite aunt. which is what i requested of my niece and nephew, and i have yet to see it, by the way. hint, hint.

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