Monday, March 18, 2013

getting crafty.

3-13-10 by sassyladybug
3-13-10, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

on friday, cheri and i got together for a bit of crafting.  we used to craft once a week.  this was pre-bebe (for cheri) and with my boys driving me a bit more nuts during the day, i needed desperately to get out of the house once a week.  

unfortunately, now we craft in our minds when we wait in traffic or wait in the doctor's office.  read:  we have no time.

we decided we'd make more of an effort, since walking around target is great and all - but not creatively stimulating.

following this tutorial, we spent an afternoon painting away.  i think we both ended up with three paintings.  this one was my first and i love the quote, so i might re-do it.  i'm not crazy about how the ombre came out.  i also made one that is super-duper-top-secret so i can't show it just yet.

lesson learned:  make time to get crafty.    


  1. thanks for posting the tutorial link!!

  2. you are welcome! i'm anxious to try again. what did justin say? chris was like, ummm. i don't like them.

  3. haha. i've learned to just keep that stuff to myself and magically let it appear in the house later. i did buy some watercolor paper, so we should def do it again...

    oh, and i love that washi tape...

  4. i lOVE ombre and think it looks great!


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