Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hanging around.

earring holder by sassyladybug
earring holder, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

i saw this fun idea on i heart organizing awhile back and mentioned it to cheri that i would love to do it. one sheet of radiator cover can easily be split between two people, so it is the perfect project to make with someone else.

my supplies were:
empty frame
radiator cover
spray paint

i sprayed my $1 goodwill frame a pretty gray which actually looks a little blue, and i'm happy with that. i also sprayed the radiator cover a nice bright white. i actually primed it first, because i was concerned about the paint scratching off. either it worked or it isn't really a problem. cutting the radiator cover was fairly easy. because the holes were small in the cover we chose, the metal was thinner at those points and so i was able to cut right through with my regular scissors. i cut it to fit the frame exactly.

i popped it in the frame and now have a lovely spot to organize my earrings! i have lots more but unfortunately they are a mess in my jewelry box. no pictures of that to share. :)

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