Thursday, April 4, 2013


3-13-12 by sassyladybug
3-13-12, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

our kitchen has officially been painted 3 times since we bought our house almost 10 years ago.  the irony is that the color that i've finally become content with is almost the same exact shade it was painted when we bought the house.

when i get itching to paint and change things, chrispy knows he can't fight me on it.  i'm willing to do {most of} the work, and paint doesn't actually cost that much but has a big impact.

i've been wanting to re-paint our bathroom for a while now but i've been hemming and hawing about colors.  finally today i went and bought paint - oh, you know... because family comes to visit next week and i'd like the bathroom to look nice.  i love to be last minute.  

so here's my color, swatch taped up on the bathroom wall so that i could see it in the light.  of course i'd already bought the paint, so - oh, well if it didn't look right.  gray is so difficult to choose.  warm gray, cool gray, grayish, beige/gray.... i was about to pull my hair out.  but i took my time, picked several grays and then eliminated.  i got it down to two colors, and then realized by the name of this color that it was the one i'd pick.  and now i'll never forget the name of my knitting needles bathroom. 

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  1. grey is hard and makes me want to pull my hair out. but i love it and it's worth it!


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