Monday, June 18, 2012


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IMG_0307, a photo by sassyladybug on Flickr.

his birthday arrived after a week of sickness.  mama stressed about another test.  not managing to do anything for father's day. i felt like such a failure.

seriously, i didn't have a card or a gift for him until chris and i went for dinner saturday night and popped into a bookstore to browse.  we found ourselves in the toy section and realized we hadn't even bought him a gift.  i'll admit that i had looked for one about  month ago, but the store didn't have it and i had resigned myself to not getting exactly what he wanted.

we had to postpone his party because he came down with the hand, foot, and mouth virus earlier in the week.  he had a mild case of it, thankfully, but i was totally out of birthday mode since we wouldn't be celebrating until the next weekend.

and then i spent most of his birthday weekend studying and stressing out.  and then i started to feel bad for myself because i'm no good at multi-tasking when it comes to my own life and my family. 

in the end it doesn't matter.  we sang happy birthday to our sweet little boy; had a wonderful breakfast out to celebrate both the birthday boy and his special daddy; ate yummy brownie sundaes; and his big brother picked out a special present for him.  we spent special time together despite my anxiety.

at the end of the night, i crawled right into bed next to my little boy.  three years ago i would never have imagined how much joy he would bring to our family, how big his smile would be, how bright his eyes would shine when would look directly at his mama.  happy birthday christian.  the past three years have been amazing.

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