Tuesday, March 22, 2011

you say it's your birthday.

so i turned 30 earlier this month. i still don't like to think about, or admit, that i am now 30 years old. its a hard one!

my husband and my sister got together and put on a fabulous party for me. my sister made that awesome 30 out of pics of me, all in black and white and it was so neat.

really, turning 30 stinks but i had the best birthday in a very long time. chris and i went out to chipotle - my favorite - on my actual birthday and he surprised me with a party the very next night. i got some really special gifts including money to use toward a camera bag (although i still can't decide which color to order).

my two sweet little boys jumping on the bed to wake me up and sing happy birthday wasn't so bad either.

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