Tuesday, January 25, 2011

baby, baby, baby.

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oh my sweet little christian. too bad i have neglected this blog so badly. your 1st birthday passed, your baby book is empty and i have not written about what a wonderful first year it was being your mommy.

get used to it, kid. your mom's a sap. i cry at the drop of a hat. you seem to make me cry even more. you have this amazing smile, and your eyes light up your whole face. i cry when you smile and i cry when you cry.

i'll be honest now and say that i cry when you throw food on the floor, too. why do you like to do that so much? i tried it and its not really that fun. along with the winter weather, i have decided to stop cleaning the kitchen floor. i figure that because of this winter weather and your food throwing combined, I am giving up on cleaning the kitchen floor. maybe when spring comes around again.

you're now 19 months old, and you are very independent. you talk a lot and you know exactly what you like. you surprise us everyday by insisting on watching your favorite tv show, your favorite snack, or your favorite toy. you love to follow your big brother around the house. in fact, you have started giving back to him all the grief that he has given you during your first year. i am proud of you for that.

you are my baby. and even though i will likely have to search my email archives one day when you ask me when you took your first steps, i will remember the other important things, when the camera was put away, and it was just you and me, laughing, and making memories.

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