Thursday, December 11, 2008

i don't want to close my eyes.

one of the things i've learned about andrew at this age is that i constantly feel as though i'm losing things. but, this is not me. i am not losing things. andrew is stealing things. he is hiding them on me. he has hidden stashes all throughout the house that baffle me. i took the basket of clothespins and put it in the closet high up on a shelf about two weeks ago. somehow, he still seems to show up with clothespins, even though i swept the house of them last week. and don't even get me started on that copy of Ironman, brought back to Blockbuster a month late.

but, he is growing and showing us all the new things he has learned, and so that makes up for all the missing stuff. he is learning to follow directions. he has these flash cards and he is in love with them - so much that he brings me the cards several times a day so i can repeat, once again, what a circle is and where the circles are on his body and in the room.

i can say, i didn't know being a parent would be like this. but, its pretty freaking cool.

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